Ace of Base Conquering Europe – North America Plans – New Singles Announced

The successful Ace of Base comeback effort continues to grow in degree and scope.

Their latest album (out in most of Europe this month and in the UK, France and North America later this year or next year) was kicked off with the debut single “Beautiful Morning.” The song is perhaps a safe single choice for a group that has been absent from the world music scene for quite a few years.

But so far the success of the single is astonishing for a pop band that first debuted on the charts ”over 10 years ago”

“Beautiful Morning” seems set to be one of the Top 5 radio singles of the year in Europe based on the incredibly strong radio play it has amassed thus far (for the latest radio airplay for Ace of Base check out and click on “AOB Charting” in the menu bar.)Meanwhile, the group has announced that it is wrapping up discussions with 5 labels to release this new album and represent them in North America.

The album release for North America is set for next year.

Finally, a preliminary decision has been made for the next single to be released from the album “Da Capo.”

In Scandinavia “Unspeakable” has been tentatively selected while in Germany-Switzerland-Austria and other territories represented by Universal Music (Polydor) “The Juvenile” is planned for release once “Beautiful Morning” has run its course on the charts.

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