Melanie Launched Her Book In Leeds And Got Support From Family

6 September 2002 0951SST – 0800GMT

Melanie Launched Her Book In Leeds And Got Support From Family

Spice Girl Melanie B returned home to launch her biography and got a big hug from grandma. According to a report by UK’s paper This Is Leeds, the 26-year-old chose Borders bookshop in Leeds to launch Catch a Fire, which tells the story of her rise from council house girl to becoming a global star.

As hundreds queued to see the Leeds lass and have her book signed, her family made sure they popped in to see her on the home leg of her nationwide book-signing tour. Her 80-year-old gran, Mary Dixon, of Seacroft, turned up as a surprise. “I didn’t even know she was coming,” said Mel. “I call her Grandma White, it’s ace to see her.” Mrs Dixon added: “She calls me Grandma White as she has a white gran and a black gran. I am so proud of her and all she has achieved. She had no idea I was coming today. She is lovely, as are all my grandchildren and Phoenix her daughter is beautiful also.”

As she signed books for hundreds of fans Mel said: “I was last in Leeds two weeks ago. We get home as often as we can, usually two or three times a month, to see everyone. “I love Leeds and it is great to be back in my home town.” Mel’s mum Andrea, who works in Leeds city centre, also popped in. Andrea said: “I have rushed here during my lunch hour. Mel really loves Leeds and that is why she wanted to launch the book here.”

One fan queued since 8am to see his idol. Joel Gray, 17, of Cleethorpes had waited for hours holding a bunch of flowers. In return he was given a kiss from the star. Mel will star in a new BBC drama next January called Burn It.

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