Sarah Whatmore, Liberty X And More Are The UK’s Poorest Popstars

The poorest of the British’s popstars have been unveiled and making No 1 is Rosie Ribbons, who apparently just made only GBP12,000 a year after she was dropped by her record label.

Others include Sarah Whatmore at #4 with GBP20,000, all the Liberty X members, who make only GBP35,000 a year at #7, and Atomic Kitten at #9 with GBP150,000 a year.

The rest of Top 10 includes the recently disbanded S Club which got everybody talking about just how much of millions went to their management company and they just earning a mere half a million after all those years of TV shows, singing and touring.

Javine Hylton, Steps, Hear’Say, Blazin’ Squad, Zoe Birkett and the lads from One True Voice all also made the list.

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