Sarah Whatmore On Dumping Men And Impressing Bosses

She is the gorgeous blonde who melted the heart of Pop Idol’s ice man Simon Cowell. But Sarah Whatmore who is being acclaimed as the UK’s answer to Jennifer Lopez, is determined not to let men stand in her way.

The chart hopeful is making a success of her singing career on her own despite failing to reach the final of the ITV wannabe show. Sarah is remembered as the girl judge Cowell, nicknamed Mr Nasty, asked to marry him on live TV.

She said no, of course. And despite having signed a six-figure deal with Simon’s BMG label she admits the thought of that on-air proposal makes her cringe. And Mr Nasty is not the only man she had dumped as she puts her dreams of stardom first.

In her first major interview, Sarah reveals she split with her boyfriend of four years to concentrate on her singing career.She said “But over the past few months things have really taken off for me. I have been so busy recording my album and shooting the video for the single. Now I’m doing nothing but promoting it. I decided we should just be friends because my priority at the moment is my career.”

“I’ve worked so hard to get where I am. I’m living my dream. I don’t want anything to get in the way. We’re still really good friends, though and we speak a lot on the phone. But I haven’t got time for boyfriends at the moment. I am determined to make a go of my music and won’t let anything get in my way.”

Sarah, who releases her debut single, ‘When I Lost You’, on the 9th of September, seems to enjoy making a big impression with her bosses as she will soon launch her career in the States as well since big bosses over there are impressed with what she has to offer.

“Apparently they loved me and are excited about helping me crack America. My priority is to do well in the UK but there haven’t been many successful solo British females over there for a long time so hopefully I can do well.”

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