Tweet On Her Monicker, Single No 2 And Album

“My whole album is like therapy for me as it is full of things I have either experienced or seen someone close to me go through. It is all from the heart.”

Above was the response Tweet gave when asked if everything she writes comes straight from the heart.

A protege of Missy Elliott, it’s been well-documented as to how the hip hop diva helped her backing singer to become an international R&B superstar in the making. And, with her reputation in the ascendancy, Tweet was in the UK recently to help promote the second single from her phenomenal debut set, ‘Southern Hummingbird’, the sexy Indian-tinged ‘Call Me’.

As for her monicker, well, she said that she gets asked that question a lot since people seem to think that she’s a huge fan of Tweety Bird, the cartoon character, but it actually stuck with her when someone called her that. She doesn’t know who or where it came from though but it was with her eversince she was a little girl.

Finally, what’s her message to fans? “Well, I hope my music reaches everybody and that each individual can take what they need from it. Be yourself and be happy.”

Her Indian-inspired single ‘Call Me’ comes out on the 26th of August for those residing in the UK.

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