Ms Dynamite Stole Father Of A Two Year Old Daughter

Ms Dynamite has devastated a young mum by bedding the father of her two-year-old daughter, Dwayne Seaforth.

The young mother, Sanshica Carew admitted through gritted teeth, “I still talk to Dwayne. I’ve got his child. I’ve no need to talk to Ms Dynamite. I haven’t got her child, I’ve only got Dwayne’s child.”

A male friend of Sanshica said, “Ms Dynamite likes to paint herself as the Pride of Britain, but she’s far from it. After she got together with Dwayne she purposely called Sanshica, telling her how happy they were. She definitely was gloating. Sanshica knew she couldn’t compete with a pop star. She was totally heartbroken.”

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