From Kelly Clarkson To Justin Guarini

In case you haven’t already heard, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has landed herself a movie role as well and she’ll be starring opposite the runner-up, Justin Guarini.

She, speaking to the press the other day, said “It’s called From Justin to Kelly. It’s like a text messaging thing. That’s why the title is so cute. It’s just Justin and I doing it with other actors we pick. It’s your basic romantic comedy.”

And meanwhile, to just set the record straight, they are not dating.

“Oh my dear God. I swear we’re just friends. We haven’t even been together to even do anything like that. That’s what I find funny. I’ve never had a boyfriend ever. I’m really focused. Justin is the same way. That’s why it’s funny that they linked us. We’re the two of the group that would totally not do that. My career is too haywire and my schedule too hectic for anything like that right now.”

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