India.Arie Says Grammy Losses Were Politics

As we all know, India.Arie achieved getting seven Grammy nominations only to have not won a single one. It came as a shock to those of us who knew she deserved at least one.

For the first time, she has spoken out about that unfortunate night, having lost, flat out, to Alicia Keys. It did take her a while to recover.

“I was very disappointed” she admitted. “It was the first time I really saw politics at work in my life. That’s all I’m willing to say. Politics. Anyway, after that, I spent a week in Jamaica.”

What she thought about on the islands, you can hear on her new single, ‘Little Things’ lifted from the upcoming album, ‘Voyage To India’, which is scheduled to drop on the 27th of September. As some of you would’ve probably heard her new single on earlier in her last news article, it ends with the defiant line, “I don’t need no Hollywood.”

Disenchanted? “No, I just mean I don’t need Hollywood to sing my songs. All I need is my voice and my heart.”

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