Krayzie Bone Mad At India.Arie’s Grammy Shutout

Krayzie Bone, the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member, was annoyed at the fact that beautiful India.Arie did not win at least one category at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards when she actually got 7 nominations, beating Alicia Keys who walked away eventually with 5 out of 6 Grammys, is a massive fan of India’s first song, ‘Video’ that propelled her into the ranks of Alicia Keys and Erykah Badu.Speaking to an online web-zine, Krayzie Bone explains why he’s affected by India’s shutout at the Grammys. “Ah man, that was scandalous. Because you know I did like a remake of one of her songs. That ‘Video’ number. It will probably be on my next solo album that I got together now. Man, I just like said word for word, everything she sung, but I just flipped it to fit me singing ‘I’m not the average n-gga from your video’. Because I just liked the song and what she was talking about. Because she was basically saying what we’re saying. ‘We not the average n-ggas. We don’t really care about all of the rings and all that,'” he said.

Krayzie Bone released his sophomore solo album, ‘Thug On Da Line’ in August on Loud Records. The singer from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony will join the group to release ‘Thug World Order’ this spring.

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