Want A Kylie?

Thousands of women, all majorly inspired by her perfect derriere, are apparently rushing like crazy to their plastic surgeons asking for a “Kylie”.

Miss Minogue however, has dissed all reports that state she had her rear end artificially modified.Kylie’s bottom, which shot to fame clad in gold hot pants in the ‘Spinning Around’ video, is one hundred percent natural according to her people and the pop princess has every aim of cashing in on it while it is in its prime.

Kylie who wants Dolce & Gabbana to do her outfits for her upcoming tours, said “You never know what the future holds. My rear end could become a pear rapidly.”

Meanwhile, in other news pertaining to the ‘In Your Eyes’ songstress, Kylie has said that she intends to marry her Essex-born model of a boyfriend James Gooding.

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