Blue’s One Love Similar To Previous Hits

If you’ve thought the new offering from Blue, ‘One Love’ sounds pretty much the same kind of material they offered previously, you are right.

According to Duncan, they’ve returned to the tried-and-tested formula of ‘All Rise’ and ‘Fly By’ to make sure fans know who they are.

“We’ve been out of the market for a few months so we wanted people to turn on the radio and think, ‘Blue are back’. We don’t want them to think, ‘Who’s that?'”

But if fans are a bit worried that Blue’s eagerly-anticipated second album will not have developed from last year’s smash-hit, ‘All Rise’, fear not. There are lots of surprises.

“The other singles are going to be different” Lee told, speaking to a webzine. “We’re not going to change our style but on the album there’s a lot of variation. The fans are going to like it.”

“There’s a cover called ‘Don’t Treat Me Like A Fool’ which is from Angie Stone’s first album, ‘Black Diamond'” Duncan revealed. “We’re really pleased about this album. We were working on it the same time as ‘All Rise’. The music is going to be more up-tempo and edgier. We wrote about 90% of it.”

Blue’s new album is released come 11th of November.

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