DJ Sammy To Help Mariah Carey

DJ Sammy has been brought in to help Mariah Carey with her big comeback album. Mariah’s manager has been to Sammy’s studio to ask for advice after hearing his re-make of Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’.

Sammy says Bryan has now asked him to get involved in his next few songs as well. He’s already well-known in the Euro dance scene, and says he’s proud to help stars make their comebacks.

“Every big artist has his ups and downs you know. And I think Mariah has such huge vocals. I would love to work with that woman.”

“Bryan Adams was telling me ‘Sammy, tell them all that I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!’ I can’t help but feel proud when you have a songwriter like Bryan Adams telling you ‘Sammy, I love the job you’ve done.'”

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