Usher Draws Inspiration From Michael Jackson

“I’ll admit, I’m following in the footsteps of the people that I’ve been exposed to” concedes Usher, 23, recently, speaking to reporters. “When I look at Michael Jackson perform, his energy is just incredible” Usher continues. “He goes for hours. And just when you think he’s winding down, he’ll come back and just kill it! To do a dance solo like that – man – how cool would that be?”

“I’m striving to be that. I’m striving to take what I have to that level” said Usher.

Besides drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson, the ‘Pop Ya Collar’ hitmaker also uses Michaels’ works a bit. On his recent hit single, ‘U Don’t Have To Call’, he adopts a lovely flutter right out of Michael Jackson’s 1979 album ‘Off The Wall’, and some of the same warm, easing chord progressions used throughout that album are also on Usher’s ‘I Don’t Know.’

“I think people’s interest in old Michael is kind of like mine. I listen to his earlier material and it just drives me crazy. I almost want to cry because he’s singing so perfectly” said Usher.

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