Avril Lavigne’s Complicated Breaks Record, Not Pleasing Some People

President and CEO of Arista Records, Antonio “L.A.” Reid, seems to be extremely proud of his current top selling artist, Avril Lavigne, as he’s still continuing releasing weekly hype press releases for the pretty girl.

The sales rise streak has come to an end already but this week Avril set the all-time BDS spin record for one week at Mainstream Top 40 with 9,205 spins of her first single ‘Complicated’.

She breaks Nickelback’s prior record of 9,050 for their brilliant ‘How You Remind Me’ number. “This is an incredible accomplishment” declared Mr Reid.

Next up for Avril is her sophomore offering ‘Sk8er Boi’, which MTV plans to cover with a ‘Making Of’ special video shoot. She will also perform on a Nickelodeon concert set for the 4th of August and on the 1st of October, she can be seen on David Letterman.

Meanwhile, I don’t think Avril’s pleasing just about everybody these days. Jessica Zietz of Rec Room Magazine blasts the singer in a lengthy report but below’s the jist of it.

“Avril Lavigne just seems fake, plain and simple. She tries to pull off this tormented, wounded puppy look in the ‘Complicated’ video. She emphasizes her songwriting and guitar playing, yet had numerous songwriters work on her album, while the guitar is rarely strapped around her body when the music is live.”

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