Britney’s Father Pulls Gun On 4 Teenage Girls

I once remembered reading articles saying what lovely people Britney’s folks are, giving fans chances to come into their home and entertaining them graciously and also giving them cookies and milk. Well, don’t know what happened but that doesn’t happen anymore. It’s a pretty shocking change.

Chris Rose of The Times-Picayune reports that four fans from New Orleans got a much darker greeting recently, as Britney’s father Jamie, ousted by force. “I don’t know why, but I thought we’d kind of be welcomed if we showed up” said Erica, one of the four girls. “I certainly didn’t expect Britney Spears’ father to pull a gun on us.”

“I had never seen a gun pulled in anger before” said Erica. “And I never thought that if it happened to me it would be Britney Spears’ dad.”

“We were coming there because we love Britney Spears” Beth says. “To have this happen was a shock.”

Chris also apparently went to investigate and Britney’s father admitted it. Here’s what he said “I carry a gun with me. I keep it right here. And I’d have pulled one on you, too, if I didn’t have company. If I’m alone and you come in my driveway, come on my property, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Anyway, you can find the full write-up here.

Geri Halliwell Still Hate Victoria Beckham

Reports still point out that the biggest stumbling block to a Spice Girls reunion is the hatred that Geri Halliwell have towards Victoria Beckham.

Geri, known as Ginger Spice when she was in the pop outfit, hates Mrs Beckham so much so that her assistant has to cut out all pictures of Victoria in newspapers and magazines before Geri sees them.

Meanwhile, in other news, Geri reportedly spent a recent flight to Los Angeles practicing her yoga positions in her underwear, after refusing the British Airways steward’s offer of free pajamas.

What Alicia Key’s Lousy Concert Worth

You would think that by having a great and successful-selling album that’s capable of wining 5 Grammys would automatically make you a great performer. Never thought I’d have to say this about her but the above’s apparently not the image meant for the uber cool Alicia Keys.

At Jones Beach a couple of weeks ago, Alicia Keys offered an irregular show that lacked focus and couldn’t maintain momentum. The show was so choreographed and scripted that the R&B sensation, whom in my opinion is a very gifted artist, seemed very bored, which translated into smug insincerity under the lights.

It’s been reported that Alicia being bored was noticeable by all in the crowd quite early on, when she performed Prince’s ‘How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?’

In this overextended cover, Alicia tried to muster the angry emotions of a woman scorned, but it appears that she’s told this story one too many times, and the words now sound as if they are being sung by rote.

Even when she laughed during the show, it sounded like a rehearsed, scripted “ha ha ha”, rather than the spontaneous giggle a 21 year old would erupt in if there was actually something to laugh about.

With only one album to her credit, her songbook is understandably extremely limited, which might just explain why she gave at least 20 minutes up out of a 90 minutes gig to costume changes.

Ace of Base Launch Comeback with “Beautiful Morning”

Ace of Base are back on European airwaves and how far their success story will carry them in this chapter of their career will depend in large part on the success of the first couple singles off of their new (yet to be named) album.

Today Austria’s Radio O3 debuted the new Ace of Base song, “Beautiful Morning” which was written by Jonas, Jenny and Linn Berggren – all members of the group.

Ace of Base fans around the world clogged Austrian servers as they eagerly awaited hearing the new song. The song is now available for listening at the Ace of Base fan site ::

The track is produced by German Axel Breitung and includes a touch of the classic Ace of Base drumbeat from “All That She Wants” and “The Sign.” More interesting are the soaring lead vocals by Jenny Berggren at the finale of the song which arc above a gospel choir all of which is surrounded by a classic Swedish pop music crescendo.

It is a dramatic and fantastic enough of a finale that should ensure “Beautiful Morning” scores in the Top 20 in scores of European countries.

Right now the band is concluding negotiations to be represented in the United States, Canada and Asia for the new album.

Management Co. Seeks Males for New Boy Band

Liner Entertainment Inc, an artist management company based in Houston is currently seeking males for a boy band. IT will be a 5-member band. We are putting together the next NSYNC!

The Band will be formed next year, however we are NOW taking demo kits for considerations.

Candidates must be between the ages of 18-24 in good shape good looks and a great voice. Must be able to harmonize with ease and have great dance moves.

No ego!! Or Attitudes!!! Leave them at the door!.

If interested please send demo kit to:

Liner Entertainment Inc

P.O. Box 2853

Baytown Texas, 77522

After we review the material candidates will then be contacted and to where, and when the auditions will be held. Must be serious about this biz, for you WILL sign a 3-year contract.

Thank you and good luck

Liner Entertainment Inc or


Shakira’s Explanation As To Why She Wanted Her Guy In Her Music Video

Shakira spoke with the MGN about her decision to use boyfriend Antonio de la Rua, who is the son of a former Argentine president, as her boyfriend in the ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ video.

The gorgeous siren said “It’s a very personal song and I wrote it for Antonio in the first place. The video needed some romantic scenes and I felt I was not able to do them with some model or actor I had only literally just shaken hands with.”

She continued “I don’t want to kiss a guy on the neck when I hardly know his name. So I told Antonio I needed his help. I told him he would be fine and in the end he had no choice.”

Shakira’s third single to be lifted from her debut English LP is ‘Objection (Tango)’ and is in heavy rotation in radio outlets all over America right now.

Songs By Priya Thomas For Those Of Us Who Appreciate Quality Music

If there’s a female artist that’s genuinely deserves to be massive, it’s none other than the attractive Priya Thomas. And if you appreciate good quality music, then you’d see what so many others have seen in Priya and give her your support by getting her LP. In essence, get your radio stations playing her songs.

Head on down to her website and you’d be able to see the numerous glowing reviews from critics. Priya’s official website is easily reached at

“Priya Thomas is a one-woman band, standing before you with nothing but her guitar and a beatbox.”

“She is a multi-instrumentalist who composes on guitar and piano, programs all her own loops and now even records her own material.”Unlike many solo female performers, Priya Thomas is a trained dancer, and her live show is movement driven; hurling herself at the microphone while frantically twisting knobs and flailing onstage, a dervish stumbling through digital punk-rock.

If you’ve got the chance to catch her live show, then you simply have to drop whatever you’re doing and watch her perform. Priya’s gigs are a strange mix of Blondie, Nina Hagen and the contortions of Le Cirque du Soleil.

Her new CD, ‘Songs For Car Commercials’, described as digital garage pop, which you must get, is a cleaver-sharp chronicle of being an “outsider”. Priya’s disc is a collection of cleverly crafted futuristic pop songs about the human spirit and what it means to survive in a materially insatiable world. Defiant and anti-authoritarian, singer-songwriter Priya Thomas represents a new phenomenon.

You can tell the striking Priya what you think of her music by emailing her at

I shall end this with another positive review.

“When you invite comparisons to almost all of the female artists who’ve changed the face of music over the last 20 years (PJ Harvey, Bjork, Kate Bush, Madonna), you know that you’re good. When you can invite those same comparisons without ever once seeming derivative, you know that you’re great. Priya’s it.”

Princess Superstar & Eminem’s Children

A Detroit journalist recently chatted with Princess Superstar, whose real name’s Concetta Kirshner and asked about the unlikely instance that would have her and Eminem having children.

“I think they’d be pretty talented lyricists” she explained. “He’s pretty f**ked up, so the kid would be pretty f**ked up as well.”

She has been called the “female Eminem” more than a few times, and though the two would probably kick out some great rhymes together, it’s unlikely to occur. It would make a fantastic pair up, don’t you think?

As for her thoughts on the top hip-hop bling-blingers who are raking in all the cash, she said “The beats are getting better, but the lyrical content is pretty much trash. Everything sounds like a commercial.”

Sophie’s Fans Are Mostly Handsome Men

The New Zealand Herald reports that a recent meet and greet session with fans in New Zealand by Ronan Keating and Sophie Ellis-Bextor drew over 600 fans, though each had a distinct demographic.

Ronan Keating, singer of the recent No. 1 ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’, attracted mainly women aged between 20 and 50.

Now, Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s fans included a lot of handsome men. Of all the men who turned up just for a moment with the beautiful crooner of smash songs like ‘Get Over You’ and ‘Murder On The Dancefloor’, about 60% of them were gay and the rest straight.

Someone was reported saying “Cute men seem to love her”.

Remy Shand On Finding Musicians And Being Labelled

Remy Shand, an excellent singer whom I think is just amazing, said recently, speaking to a reporter, that like many others, he doesn’t like the neo-soul label.

“For me, soul is in everything. Neo-soul and all that is a marketing thing, man. How can there be neo-soul when soul never went away? There’s nothing new about it. The resurgence of young artists is just bringing more interest to it.”

On the eve of a high-profile gig in Central Park, New York, does Remy Shand, who single handedly played almost every instrument on his debut album, ‘The Way I Feel’, worry about the other members of his new band butchering his arrangements onstage?

He said “It was hard finding the right group of musicians, man but I landed a great bunch and there’s a whole lot of mutual respect there.”

Such trifling matters are of little worry to Remy, one of this year’s rising young stars. He has reached the top of the charts in his native Canada, and is making serious noise Stateside with his soaring, sensual vocals and lushly constructed salubrious rhythms.

Check out his brilliant songs at his official site