Britney’s Father Pulls Gun On 4 Teenage Girls

I once remembered reading articles saying what lovely people Britney’s folks are, giving fans chances to come into their home and entertaining them graciously and also giving them cookies and milk. Well, don’t know what happened but that doesn’t happen anymore. It’s a pretty shocking change.

Chris Rose of The Times-Picayune reports that four fans from New Orleans got a much darker greeting recently, as Britney’s father Jamie, ousted by force. “I don’t know why, but I thought we’d kind of be welcomed if we showed up” said Erica, one of the four girls. “I certainly didn’t expect Britney Spears’ father to pull a gun on us.”

“I had never seen a gun pulled in anger before” said Erica. “And I never thought that if it happened to me it would be Britney Spears’ dad.”

“We were coming there because we love Britney Spears” Beth says. “To have this happen was a shock.”

Chris also apparently went to investigate and Britney’s father admitted it. Here’s what he said “I carry a gun with me. I keep it right here. And I’d have pulled one on you, too, if I didn’t have company. If I’m alone and you come in my driveway, come on my property, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Anyway, you can find the full write-up here.

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