Shakira’s Explanation As To Why She Wanted Her Guy In Her Music Video

Shakira spoke with the MGN about her decision to use boyfriend Antonio de la Rua, who is the son of a former Argentine president, as her boyfriend in the ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ video.

The gorgeous siren said “It’s a very personal song and I wrote it for Antonio in the first place. The video needed some romantic scenes and I felt I was not able to do them with some model or actor I had only literally just shaken hands with.”

She continued “I don’t want to kiss a guy on the neck when I hardly know his name. So I told Antonio I needed his help. I told him he would be fine and in the end he had no choice.”

Shakira’s third single to be lifted from her debut English LP is ‘Objection (Tango)’ and is in heavy rotation in radio outlets all over America right now.

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