Princess Superstar & Eminem’s Children

A Detroit journalist recently chatted with Princess Superstar, whose real name’s Concetta Kirshner and asked about the unlikely instance that would have her and Eminem having children.

“I think they’d be pretty talented lyricists” she explained. “He’s pretty f**ked up, so the kid would be pretty f**ked up as well.”

She has been called the “female Eminem” more than a few times, and though the two would probably kick out some great rhymes together, it’s unlikely to occur. It would make a fantastic pair up, don’t you think?

As for her thoughts on the top hip-hop bling-blingers who are raking in all the cash, she said “The beats are getting better, but the lyrical content is pretty much trash. Everything sounds like a commercial.”

Princess Superstar Is A Bad Babysitter

Currently at No.11 on the UK charts for her pretty filthy single ‘Bad Babysitter’, Princess Superstar, born Concetta Kirschner, has been dubbed as the female equivalent of Eminem.

It may seem like Princess Superstar, a native New Yorker, is a newcomer but the truth of the matter is she has been making music for years at her own leisurely pace and her latest album ‘Princess Superstar Is’ is actually her fourth LP.”Everyone tells me I’m the female Eminem. Well, all I’m going to talk about is getting f***ed up the butt then.”

Seldom a second passes on Princess Superstar’s excellent current album without the New Yorker impressing with her astounding lyrics. Fresh and with a twisted sense of humour, Princess Superstar, who respects Missy Elliott a lot and feels there should be more female rappers today, offers what is lacking in today’s music scene.

In an exclusive interview conducted recently, Princess Superstar, who chose the stage name so as to be as ironic and over the top as possible, talked about her controversial music video for her ‘Bad Babysitter’ number. She said “There are different boyfriends in the shower. There’s even the pizza man who turns up and I do nasty, crazy things to him.”

Princess Superstar has her own official website: Surf on to there for more news.