Remy Shand On Finding Musicians And Being Labelled

Remy Shand, an excellent singer whom I think is just amazing, said recently, speaking to a reporter, that like many others, he doesn’t like the neo-soul label.

“For me, soul is in everything. Neo-soul and all that is a marketing thing, man. How can there be neo-soul when soul never went away? There’s nothing new about it. The resurgence of young artists is just bringing more interest to it.”

On the eve of a high-profile gig in Central Park, New York, does Remy Shand, who single handedly played almost every instrument on his debut album, ‘The Way I Feel’, worry about the other members of his new band butchering his arrangements onstage?

He said “It was hard finding the right group of musicians, man but I landed a great bunch and there’s a whole lot of mutual respect there.”

Such trifling matters are of little worry to Remy, one of this year’s rising young stars. He has reached the top of the charts in his native Canada, and is making serious noise Stateside with his soaring, sensual vocals and lushly constructed salubrious rhythms.

Check out his brilliant songs at his official site

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