Beckhams Offered Movie Package

David Beckham has gained himself a movie role and the trendsetter will be playing a superhuman assassin who can shoot bullets around corners.

Apparently, the England ace, famous for his ability to bend shots during soccer, will be featured as a lethal gunman who overcomes being half blind in British gangster flick, ‘Red Light Runners’, reported to cost around GBP8 million.

David’s role is central to the movie. The other characters give him a big build-up, though he only briefly appears on screen.

His pop sensation of a wife, Victoria has also been asked on board. The producers want her to sing a gritty gangster song on the soundtrack.

Michael Madsen who will not only act in the film but also co-produce it, Martin Kemp, Sara Cox and quite possibly Mickey Rourke will join the famous husband and wife.Bosses want to start filming at the end of the year and look forward to David signing the contract soon.

They are being tight-lipped about details of the script but one source said “If you imagine ‘Reservoir Dogs’ set in London then you’re some way to getting the picture. It’s going to be massive.”

David has already briefly appeared in a hit movie. He had a cameo role at the end of smash box office movie, ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ which sees he and Victoria walking through Heathrow airport.

Meanwhile, the offer to Victoria is important. Important because she is without a solo deal at the moment, what with label Virgin dropping her a while ago, so it’s good if she accepts the offer to sing once again.

In addition, the movies’ producers have stressed the Beckhams must come as a package. If Victoria sings on the soundtrack, then David must take the part.

Purportedly, producer Clark already has plans for the sound of Victoria’s track to go with the movie. He says “We’d like to have Victoria work with Marco Pirroni from Adam And The Ants and Sex Pistols’ drummer Paul Cook and get a really gritty tune for the soundtrack. It will most likely include contributions from Gavin Rossdale of Bush and Siobhan Fahey of Shakespear’s Sister. They’ll take her in a direction that would blow her fans away.”

No word at the time this article was written whether the Beckhams have accepted the offer or not.

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