Anything Is Possible for Will Young

Will Young. You better get used to this name. He is of course, the victor of the smash reality-based television star search show ‘Pop Idol’, and has at last released his debut single, ‘Evergreen/Anything Is Possible’.

The former politics student, who seems to be rather individualistic and is surely going to prove that he’s not just a mere one-hit wonder, is all set to cruise into the No 1 spot this Sunday, the 3rd of March. The top position, now currently occupied by Westlife, will most likely not last, what with reports predicting record-breaking sales for Will’s single. The double A-side is also set to be the fastest selling debut in British history. Advance orders of Wills’ singles are reported to top 1.2 million, a lot more than Hear’Say’s ‘Pure and Simple’.So what it really means, essentially, is that Will Young, 23, who hails from Hungerford, Berkshire, is most probably going to have a No.1 position on the UK charts come 3rd of March.

Industry insiders have also predicted that Will stands to make a stonking GBP5 million over the next year, through record sales, merchandising and endorsements.

And just in case you’re wondering and thinking about finding more information about the ‘Pop Idol’ champion on the web, well, there are definitely no problems there. Type his name in any search engine and you’re bound to find loads of sites dedicated to the ”popidol”. Believe it or not, there’s even a queer site made with Will in mind. Anyway, here is his official site:

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