Bryan McFadden, the Drunk

When Bryan McFadden, husband of ex-Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona, has a bit too much to drink, those around him had better beware. He might try finding trouble with just about anybody and may have to be restrained.

The one-fifth member of Westlife had to be controlled by security at the Brits after drunkenly winding up So Solid Crew who won for Best British Video for their ’21 Seconds’. The Irish singer, whose band had almost a thousand votes disqualified by the Brit Awards’ organisers after it was discovered that it was voted with just 3 phone lines by their over-obsessive fans, wandered over to their table shouting, “You’re crap!”In order to prevent any messy conflict from taking place, Bryans’ minders had to swiftly step in and hold him back.

Afterward a member from So Solid Crew said, “We didn’t rise to the bait. We’re not interested in picking a fight with Westlife.”

But according to newspaper reports, that wasn’t the end of Bryan’s dramatic night. One observer claimed Bryan’s guard had to go to extremes, hitting him in the face to stop him from getting into more mess. And that’s not all.

Shortly after his run in with his very own security guard, Bryan had to be escorted from the backstage area by more security guards because he was just so drunk.

The Westlife member was spotted wandering around the television and radio area with a bottle of white wine gripped tightly to his hands. After being pulled out of a photo-taking session, he gatecrashed Samantha Mumba’s radio interview.

So far, there has been no comment from Westlife pertaining to this incident at the time this article was written..

Don’t Let Pink Get Herself

I wanna be somebody else, yeah/ LA told me, “You’ll be a pop star/ all you have to change is everything you are”/ tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears/ she’s so pretty, that just ain’t me/ doctor, doctor won’t you please prescribe something/ a day in the life of someone else?/ ’cause I’m a hazard to myself.

That’s an excerpt of lyrics taken off the latest offering from Alicia Moore also more popularly known as Pink. Entitled ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’, Pink, who never had friends of her own age while growing up, has decided to release this rock sounding new cut of hers as a single, found on her ‘M!ssundaztood’ LP. ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ is a follow-up to the smash tune ‘Get The Party Started’.Pink who grew up listening to The Supremes, Donna Hathaway and Madonna whom she actually thought was her mom for almost a year, got the world to take notice of her with that catchy song of hers, ‘There U Go’ that can be found on her debut album ‘Can’t Take Me Home’.

Her songs are no longer only about boys. On ‘M!ssundaztood’, Pink’s sophomore album, the tracks now seem to delve into family troubles, loneliness, how annoying she can be to herself and, of course, getting her party started. Most of the songs were penned by Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes fame together with Pink herself.

Interviewed a while ago about her ‘Get The Party Started’ tune, Pink said “Linda had actually written that song a week before she met me. Yeah, so I heard it, I loved it. I loved the vibe. I loved just everything about it, from the horns to the way we sang it. It’s a good song.”

‘Get the Party Started’ forms a bridge from Pink’s last album to her current LP, keeping the familiar dance feel but bidding goodbye to the R&B sound that dominated practically every single number on ‘Can’t Take Me Home’, as well as the airwaves for the past few years.

For more details regarding Pink, go to her website:

Warren Stacey: Popstar or Flopstar?

Remember Warren Stacey? Well, if you don’t, fret not. See, Warren was the 22 year old who didn’t exactly make the cut on last year’s ‘Popstars’ that finally spawned the pop group ‘Hear’Say’. Warren, who grew up singing at church choirs, was also the chap who told all who tuned in that he wanted “to make music” and not get wrapped up in the whole concept of being a massive star.

Ever since the ‘Popstars’, the reality television program ended, Warren, who hails from east London, has scored a recording deal with Def Soul Records. Taking his time to produce an LP filled with tracks that he loves and getting help from the likes of Wade Robson (Britney Spears, N’Sync), Redzone (Destiny’s Child, Blu Cantrell), Warryn Campbell (Alicia Keys, Sisqo) and more production-wise that is, now he’s about to release his debut single ‘My Girl, My Girl’, come 4th of March.Warren’s very first single is essentially a treat-her-right ode with a tinge of pop and a whole lot of rhythm and blues. For the video associated with the single, Warren pulls some really cool moves on the dance floor. Warren would like all to think that his album is about mixing US sound with UK flavour to fashion something that’ll bridge the gap between pop and urban music lovers.

Anyway, when you do listen to Warren’s single, decide for yourself if he’s a “Flopstar” or has he got the potential to be a “Popstar”?

Madonna Doing James Bond Track

Everybody’s favourite Madonna will record a song for the new James Bond release, according to reports.

It is not known for sure if Mrs. Ritchie’s tune will be the title track for the new Bond motion picture, which now goes under the working title of ‘Bond 20’, or the song will simply be featured during the film and on the soundtrack.

There were rumours that the ‘What It Feels Like To Be A Girl’ superstar, whose daughter, Lourdes, 5, now has her own stylist, would make a cameo appearance in the latest instalment of the James Bond legacy, but a spokesperson for the Queen of Pop has stated otherwise, saying “She is doing a song for the film but she won’t be acting.”

The new upcoming James Bond flick, starring Pierce Brosnan who has decided to make this James Bond movie his last and move on to other projects and of course there’s the very hot siren Halle Berry, has already started filming sometime in January, just outside of London.

By recording a tune for the movie, the Queen of Pop will follow in the very footsteps of artistes like Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Garbage and more.

Victoria is pregnant again!

Victoria Beckham, the ex-Spice girl turned solo pop singer, has announced that she and her footie-star husband David Beckham are expecting another baby.

Victoria, 26, is expecting her 2nd child in September, and their boy, Brooklyn, is also looking foward to having a brother or sister to play with.

In a statement, the couple said “This year has been such an exciting year for us – England are in the World Cup finals, Victoria’s had a second top 10 hit and now we are expecting a new baby”.

Congratulations from!

Kylie Wins Best International Album

Kylie Minogue put on an excellent show at this year’s Brit awards, which were held in London last night. Her performance went down a real treat with the audience.

She received the award for Best International Album for “Fever”, which is due to be released in the US on Tuesday. She also perfromed her hit single “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, dressed in a bodiced microdress and silver boots. A hit indeed.

Well done Kylie!

Brit Awards 2002 Results

The British music awards, The Brits, were held last night (Wednesday) and as usual there was much excitment both on and off the stage. Comedian Frank Skinner and ex-Radio 1 DJ Zoe Ball presented the awards, but many of Frank’s jokes didn’t go down very well with the audience.

The event will be aired in the UK on Thursday night on ITV1, starting at 8pm.

Here’s a complete listing of all of the winners from The Brits 2002:

Best British female solo artist: Dido

Best British newcomer: Blue

Best international male solo artist: Shaggy

Best international group: Destiny’s Child

Best pop act: Westlife

Best international newcomer: The Strokes

Best British single: S Club 7: Don’t Stop Movin’

Best international female solo artist: Kylie Minogue

Best British male solo artist: Robbie Williams

Best British group: Travis

Best British album: Dido: No Angel

Best British video: So Solid Crew: 21 Seconds

Best British dance act: Basement Jaxx

Best international album:

Kylie Minogue: Fever

Outstanding contribution: Sting

Foolish Ashanti Hangs Out With the Mob

Ashanti S. Douglas looks like anything but a girl who loves to cavort with criminals, yet in her video for her new solo single ‘Foolish’, taken off her debut album of the same name, she’s practically married to the mob.

Irv Gotti, who happens to be the CEO of Ashanti’s record label, Murder Inc. and the director of her video, came up with the concept of having the video seem like a mob movie. “I’m going to take women as a given for purchasing an R&B record, but I wanted the guys to love it as well. I want dudes to pioneer Ashanti.”Talking about what ‘Foolish’ is about, Ashanti, Murder Inc.’s first R&B act, said “You’re foolish in a relationship and you keep running back to the guy because you are in love with him.”

The striking Ashanti isn’t exactly an unknown. In 2000, she sang the chorus for Big Pun’s ‘How We Roll’. In 2001, she collaborated with Fat Joe on his ‘What’s Luv?’ single and of course Ja Rule gave her major exposure on the infectious ‘Always On Time’ single that’s currently No.1 on the Billboard charts. Fat Joe has nothing but praises for Ashanti saying that he is expecting big things to happen for her and that everybody should go support her.

Ashanti, who loves giving her songs one-word titles and who has plans to release a remix version of her single soon and call it ‘Unfoolish’, is planning to release her album on the 9th of April. Other memorable tracks to check out from her album would have to be ‘Call’, her favourite track ‘Rescue’ and ‘Happy’ which is likely to be her next single.

3LW Don’t Wanna Leave With Lil’ Bow Wow

3LW, the female trio made up of Naturi Naughton, Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon, are back in the studios to record their upcoming sophomore album, entitled for now ‘A Girl Can Mack’.

The girls, whose first single taken off their second LP is ‘I Think I Wanna Leave With You’, would like to set the record straight that they would date someone who’s taller than 3 feet and not Lil’ Bow Wow, who according to Kiely, 15, tried to play them out on national television.The girls have said that the album would center around a more mature theme due to the fact that they’re growing and hence expect their fans to grow up along with them too and move on to the next stages of their lives. With that in mind to combat any flak from parents who might deem their new material inappropriate for their kids, the teen trio from 3LW feel that it has been a while since the first album came out and so they’re bound to have different things to sing about.

Lyrics for the chorus of ‘I Think I Wanna Leave With You’ go something like this:

I wanna leave with you/ Do You wanna leave with me?

Their sophomore offering will most possibly be out in stores sometime in spring so fans of 3LW, do keep a look out for it then.

Fran Healy Loathes Pop Idol

‘Pop Idol’, the reality television series that’s about to make, or rather has already made Will Young a major pop sensation and an household name everywhere, has not made Fran Healy from Travis a fan.

Fran is calling the show a mere money-spinning venture. “There is a massive problem with Pop Idol,” Healy said. “It’s all about fat, greedy men making more money and is a celebration of the mediocre.” Fran added that the Pop Idol winner, Will Young, and others from the show who scored record deals may not get all they were wishing for. “I don’t blame the kids — good luck to them — but they’re in for a rude awakening.”The front man from Travis also exposed the fact that his girlfriend, Nora Kryst, who is an enormous fan of the show, voted time and again for Will on the night of the Pop Idol final, “Nora phoned 100 times for Will so Gareth wouldn’t win. She said it was only GBP10, but I didn’t want her to give any money to it all.”

Reports say that Fran may just be feeling a little jealous since his girlfriend seems more thrilled to hear Will sing ‘Evergreen’ than she was about Fran and his band’s latest offering ‘Flowers In The Window’.

Meanwhile, the main creators behind ‘Pop Idol’, Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe, have sold the shows’ rights for 35 million smackerooes to the US. There will also be most likely a ‘Pop Idol 2’ in the UK and if all talks go through, then you might just be voting for another Will Young some time next year.