Warren Stacey: Popstar or Flopstar?

Remember Warren Stacey? Well, if you don’t, fret not. See, Warren was the 22 year old who didn’t exactly make the cut on last year’s ‘Popstars’ that finally spawned the pop group ‘Hear’Say’. Warren, who grew up singing at church choirs, was also the chap who told all who tuned in that he wanted “to make music” and not get wrapped up in the whole concept of being a massive star.

Ever since the ‘Popstars’, the reality television program ended, Warren, who hails from east London, has scored a recording deal with Def Soul Records. Taking his time to produce an LP filled with tracks that he loves and getting help from the likes of Wade Robson (Britney Spears, N’Sync), Redzone (Destiny’s Child, Blu Cantrell), Warryn Campbell (Alicia Keys, Sisqo) and more production-wise that is, now he’s about to release his debut single ‘My Girl, My Girl’, come 4th of March.Warren’s very first single is essentially a treat-her-right ode with a tinge of pop and a whole lot of rhythm and blues. For the video associated with the single, Warren pulls some really cool moves on the dance floor. Warren would like all to think that his album is about mixing US sound with UK flavour to fashion something that’ll bridge the gap between pop and urban music lovers.

Anyway, when you do listen to Warren’s single, decide for yourself if he’s a “Flopstar” or has he got the potential to be a “Popstar”?

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