Bryan McFadden, the Drunk

When Bryan McFadden, husband of ex-Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona, has a bit too much to drink, those around him had better beware. He might try finding trouble with just about anybody and may have to be restrained.

The one-fifth member of Westlife had to be controlled by security at the Brits after drunkenly winding up So Solid Crew who won for Best British Video for their ’21 Seconds’. The Irish singer, whose band had almost a thousand votes disqualified by the Brit Awards’ organisers after it was discovered that it was voted with just 3 phone lines by their over-obsessive fans, wandered over to their table shouting, “You’re crap!”In order to prevent any messy conflict from taking place, Bryans’ minders had to swiftly step in and hold him back.

Afterward a member from So Solid Crew said, “We didn’t rise to the bait. We’re not interested in picking a fight with Westlife.”

But according to newspaper reports, that wasn’t the end of Bryan’s dramatic night. One observer claimed Bryan’s guard had to go to extremes, hitting him in the face to stop him from getting into more mess. And that’s not all.

Shortly after his run in with his very own security guard, Bryan had to be escorted from the backstage area by more security guards because he was just so drunk.

The Westlife member was spotted wandering around the television and radio area with a bottle of white wine gripped tightly to his hands. After being pulled out of a photo-taking session, he gatecrashed Samantha Mumba’s radio interview.

So far, there has been no comment from Westlife pertaining to this incident at the time this article was written..

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