Foolish Ashanti Hangs Out With the Mob

Ashanti S. Douglas looks like anything but a girl who loves to cavort with criminals, yet in her video for her new solo single ‘Foolish’, taken off her debut album of the same name, she’s practically married to the mob.

Irv Gotti, who happens to be the CEO of Ashanti’s record label, Murder Inc. and the director of her video, came up with the concept of having the video seem like a mob movie. “I’m going to take women as a given for purchasing an R&B record, but I wanted the guys to love it as well. I want dudes to pioneer Ashanti.”Talking about what ‘Foolish’ is about, Ashanti, Murder Inc.’s first R&B act, said “You’re foolish in a relationship and you keep running back to the guy because you are in love with him.”

The striking Ashanti isn’t exactly an unknown. In 2000, she sang the chorus for Big Pun’s ‘How We Roll’. In 2001, she collaborated with Fat Joe on his ‘What’s Luv?’ single and of course Ja Rule gave her major exposure on the infectious ‘Always On Time’ single that’s currently No.1 on the Billboard charts. Fat Joe has nothing but praises for Ashanti saying that he is expecting big things to happen for her and that everybody should go support her.

Ashanti, who loves giving her songs one-word titles and who has plans to release a remix version of her single soon and call it ‘Unfoolish’, is planning to release her album on the 9th of April. Other memorable tracks to check out from her album would have to be ‘Call’, her favourite track ‘Rescue’ and ‘Happy’ which is likely to be her next single.

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