Fran Healy Loathes Pop Idol

‘Pop Idol’, the reality television series that’s about to make, or rather has already made Will Young a major pop sensation and an household name everywhere, has not made Fran Healy from Travis a fan.

Fran is calling the show a mere money-spinning venture. “There is a massive problem with Pop Idol,” Healy said. “It’s all about fat, greedy men making more money and is a celebration of the mediocre.” Fran added that the Pop Idol winner, Will Young, and others from the show who scored record deals may not get all they were wishing for. “I don’t blame the kids — good luck to them — but they’re in for a rude awakening.”The front man from Travis also exposed the fact that his girlfriend, Nora Kryst, who is an enormous fan of the show, voted time and again for Will on the night of the Pop Idol final, “Nora phoned 100 times for Will so Gareth wouldn’t win. She said it was only GBP10, but I didn’t want her to give any money to it all.”

Reports say that Fran may just be feeling a little jealous since his girlfriend seems more thrilled to hear Will sing ‘Evergreen’ than she was about Fran and his band’s latest offering ‘Flowers In The Window’.

Meanwhile, the main creators behind ‘Pop Idol’, Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe, have sold the shows’ rights for 35 million smackerooes to the US. There will also be most likely a ‘Pop Idol 2’ in the UK and if all talks go through, then you might just be voting for another Will Young some time next year.

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