The Envious Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson has, recently in the US, released her solo disc, ‘Dawn’ and the very first single to be taken off it is called ‘Envious’. Who exactly is Dawn Robinson and why should anyone keep a lookout for her material?

See, back in the 90’s, Dawn was previously of the successful R&B outfit, En Vogue. When she left the group, she, together with Ali Shaeed Muhammad formerly of A Tribe Called Quest fame and Raphael Saadiq who was in the past, in Tony Tone Toni, formed the critically acclaimed, Grammy nominated Lucy Pearl.Apparently, Dawn’s thirst to branch out as a solo artiste took over and soon after leaving Lucy Pearl, she signed on with Q Records last year and immediately started looking for collaborators. “In many ways this is the record I was always supposed to make,” she says. “The one where I feel I’ve left no creative stone unturned. The opportunity with Q gave me a chance to be more creative all the way around. Q Records understands what I want to accomplish. I’m in a place where I can make the kind of solo album all my fans have been waiting for.”

Her new album, which consists of 12 songs, also gives her the opportunity to write and produce her songs, something she wasn’t able to do in the past. Filled with an outstanding mix of soul, rock, funk and R&B in her brand new CD, the stunning beauty, who grew up listening to The Bee Gees and Janis Joplin, worked with Pajam (N’Sync, Sisqo), Travon Potts (Christina Aguilera, Monica), and more when it came to putting her solo release together.

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