N.E.R.D Gets Political With New Single

N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams spoke to reporters recently and said that it’s important to have a message with your song, and they’ll deliver one on their next UK double A side coming out at the end of February, with ‘Lapdance’, which compares American politics to table dancing and ‘Provider’, about a man who has to sell drugs to keep his family together.

“I’d rather share my wealth, and to me wealth is not placed in a piece of paper, it’s inside you. So you’ve got to offer that to the world” Pharell said.

“I think that as long as I am rich, I owe it to the world for the rest of my life to just let people know and let the kids definitely know. It’s not about money it’s about being happy. Plus smiling is for free so I’d recommend people do that more.”

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