Victoria Is Determined To Be Successful And Is Not Quitting

13 December 2002 1149SST – 0800GMT


On 9 December, we reported that Victoria is thinking of quitting showbiz, but now, reports from tabloids reports that she is ever more determine to be successful is is determine to stay in this business. Victoria Beckham has been quietly working on her new album.

The singer travelled to a studio in London last week to write new material, and she is recording later this week. Victoria recently signed a GBP1.5million deal with Telstar and is concentrating on her solo career. But the mother of two spoke exclusively to 3am to tell them that she will not be a judge on the next series of Pop Idol, despite other tabloids claiming she wants to emulate former bandmate Geri Halliwell. She told 3am’s Jessica: “I’m not going to be a judge on Pop Idol. I’ve never even watched the show. I’m busy working on my new album at the moment.” “I have no plans to do any TV programmes and I don’t want to be a TV presenter. “There aren’t many stories about me which make me laugh but I can honestly say David and I cracked up when we read the latest offering. It’s total nonsense.”Friends close to the star also said she is back to her old self and has not become a virtual prisoner in her mansion. “She went shopping on Bond Street last week. On Tuesday Victoria and David went to see Elton John play in Manchester and then went to dinner with him,” says our source. “She is getting on with her life and won’t let the nasty internet rumours or kidnap attempt get to her.”

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