Gareth Plays With Blonde Popstar, Hayley Evetts Dates Keith Of OTV Fame

It appears that Gareth Gates and his relationship with Hayley Evetts has soured. Well, whether they were dating or not previously, sources say they are spending much less time together now and they both seem to be with different people.

Hayley Evetts, apparently is going out with Popstars The Rivals winner Keith Semple, voted recently to make the cut into OTV also known as One True Voice.

The pair fell for each other while Keith battled it out with his fellow hopefuls and Hayley followed their progress presenting ITV2’s Popstars The Rivals Extra.Keith, who split from his girlfriend last month, and Hayley have been out on a number of secret dates. They were spotted Christmas shopping on London’s Oxford Street and also last night, they were seen enjoying spicy Indian cuisine.

As for Gareth Gates, they say that he has fallen head over heels with a stunning blonde pop star after a night of games.

Sources say it might not have been just games but more of a romp. The Pop Idol runner-up spent the night with Mandy Davis, the niece of former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and a member of the up-and-coming band Frenzy, after a gig.

“I know she and Gareth did share an intimate night together” Frenzy’s co-manager Chris Nathaniel said. “They had all sorts of fun and games and she left at 6 o’clock in the morning. Mandy said she kept in contact with him. She sees him as a good friend at the moment and hopes it will develop into something more.”

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