Shakira’s Breasts Popped Out, Splits Pants And More

Shakira revealed that her success has allowed people to see her home country of Colombia as a cosmopolitan, cultural nation, not a haven for drug lords and guerrillas.

As she puts it, there are people who “still think we move around on horses or donkeys.” She explained “We’ve been having a very musical decade. It’s a very small country, but very rich in folklore and culture and artistic talent.”

“I’m proud of people like Carlos Vives and Juanes. In a way, they’re ambassadors of what Colombians really are.”

Meanwhile, according to informants, Shakira was shaking her behind so much during her song ‘Fool’ at the Miami arena last week that her leather pants split.

“She finished the song and then ran off the stage” a informant revealed. Then later at a post-concert party at Ibiza, she caused a “near riot” when her breast popped out of her shirt as she danced atop a booth.

“The crowd went crazy” the informant said. “The fire marshals were called and a police escort had to get Shakira out of there.”

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