View pictures of Christina’s New Photoshoot

A guitarist from an upcoming band was overheard saying that that he reckons Christina Aguilera is just garnering attention with all that slut clothes and cosmetics and is definitely not a nasty lady.

“I think it’s all publicity. I guess if you’re in that position of having popularity, at least in a pop sense, you have to change what you’re doing or else people will forget about you.”

“I also think she’s doing it to have a comeback, trying to be really nasty. I’m not sure if it’s working.”

He added “She’s probably not nasty. I don’t know really. She hasn’t had sex with me yet, so she’s not nasty enough.”

Anyway, is Christina getting slightly more decent? Those clothes, I think, are what she would call conservative. Check out pictures of Christina Aguilera’s latest photoshoot for yourself. Have to say she looks nice.

View the photos here.

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