Melanie B To Release New Songs On The Internet

Former Spice Girl Melanie B is planning to release her new songs on the world wide web and it seems her material will be uploaded quicker than you can click the words “log” and “off.”

Apparently, one of Mel’s mates told the Mirror that the ex-Spice Girl has been writing a lot of new material with friends in her kitchen.

Mel’s mate says “She’s determined that people hear the new stuff. But she has no record deal so using the internet is her best bet.”

Mel has been appearing in the Broadway show Rent, but her friend told the tab “Mel’s enjoying acting on Broadway but her first love is her music. She’s frustrated that she’s been written off and a Spice Girls reunion hasn’t got off the ground. She’s proud of the new stuff she’s written, which is an entire album of low-key funk songs.”

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