Black Eyed Peas And Their Burnt Studio

The Black Eyed Peas have been forced to flee a Los Angeles recording studio after it went up in flames.

They’re recording their new album Monkey Business and had candles burning inside the studio.

Unfortunately, whilst they were having a break a fire broke out. Guitars, keyboards, drums, microphones and classic instruments they’d picked up during their travels all went up in smoke, but they did manage to salvage some computer equipment before calling the fire department.

A very shocked from the band described what went on. “It was like ‘Yo, the studio is on fire!’, and we just came in and grabbed our stuff.”

“It looks dangerous. It was dark everywhere and pretty smokey in there.”

“It’s really scary, until you are in a fire you don’t know how scary it is.”

The band managed to escape with a recording they had just finished and a couple of charred guitars, however the damage has been estimated at over GBP300,000.

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