Soul Diva, Adriana Evans’ To Make A Comeback With New LP

After almost seven years since Adriana Evan of hits like Love Is All Around fame, came on the scene with her groundbreaking self titled debut release, the pioneer in the Neo Soul genre is finally back with an amazing collection of material entitled Nomadic.

The title refers to the nomadic lifestyle that Adriana has been living since she disappeared from the music industry. Adriana’s first release was no doubt ahead of its time coming out before a lot of the genre’s breakthrough artists such as Erykah Badu and Jill Scott.

Adriana’s new set once again is ahead of it’s time breaking down genre lines with an incredible mix of musical references as diverse as hip hop, soul, jazz, blues, afro Cuban, samba, folk and heavy rock influences.

Coming to a record store near you real soon. Keep a look out for it. It’s said to be absolutely brilliant.

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