Eric West teams up with Indie Dance DJ, supports Ms. Jackson and more.

While gearing up for the release of his album ‘Half Life’ rising American pop sensation Eric West (no relation to rap superstar Kanye West) found time to team up with popular New York DJ Galbis for an upcoming single, which according to one source might hit the dance floors in Europe before it finds it way to America.

At the end of the month Eric will be attending the annual MTV Video Music Awards in America. When the pop singer was asked about what he’ll be wearing to the show, he told Teen People “I’m a huge Janet Jackson supporter, for the show a good friend of mine who is a clothing designer designed a I support Janet shirt for me. You’ll see what it looks like at the show.”

Eric’s new CD ‘Half Life’ was originally scheduled for release in September but will arrive January 2005. Eric’s publicist Marilyn Murphy stated, “With a lot of major artist releasing records in the fall, Eric could get lost in the shuffle so it was our decision to push the record in the first quater of 2005.” If we start working it immediately after Eric’s fall club tour of Europe and the US that only gives us a month and a half before the charts get frozen for the holidays” Barry Amatiello added, “So the question is, Can we push it enough in that short amount of time or do we let the PR machine build and take it to radio in January, which is what we decided upon.”

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