Dido Not Sure When New Album Can Be Released

Dido has told that she was thrilled to scoop the Songwriter Of The Year award at this year’s Ivor Novello Awards and speaking to members of the press after the show, the humble popstar, whose brill ‘No Angel’ album was the biggest-selling album in the UK last year, admitted she was thrilled by the superb honour and said it was “fantastic” that so many people had took the time to make a purchase of her record.

However, Dido also revealed that she isn’t worried about trying to follow-up an album as successful and as critically acclaimed as her debut. “The first album pretty much came together by itself,” she explained, “but I can’t wait for people to get to hear the new one.”

“I’ve started writing the next album, because I really do just want to get on with it,” Dido added, explaining, “I’ve got so many songs and ideas, I want to get them down now.”

When asked when fans can hear her new material taken off her new album, Dido said she wasn’t sure really.

During the ceremony, the ‘Thank You’ vocalistress said “Anyone who knows me knows how much this means to me. Basically all I ever tried to do with my life is experience as much, see as much, learn, do, sense as much as I possible can and just write about it. I feel majorly lucky that so many people have heard my songs around the world.”

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