Will Young Writes Songs For First LP

Will Young has written four original tracks for his new album, which he says, aren’t “typical pop songs.” He has been working with songwriter Cathy Dennis to find the right songs for the debut LP.

Will admits he was worried about being written off as someone who only does cover versions. He tells a magazine “It is a worry but then I know what’s coming up with the album. I suppose I think of the bigger picture.

“I’ve written four songs. The latest one is very European, slightly harking back to the ’60s. Cheesy but more tongue in cheek than real cheese – one to listen to in a rowing boat, floating down a river. It’s lovely. I think you should always be conscious of the fact that any job can be short-lived and you should always take steps to make it as long lived as you can.”

“That’s why we haven’t released an album straight away. We’ve taken care to write songs I’m happy with. When we acquire the right songs, then we’ll release the album. It’s all about setting up a long-term future” he said.

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