Invite The Osbournes Into Your Computer

They’ve been called the real-life Simpsons. The fly-on-the wall series featuring Ozzy Osbourne and his eccentric family, ‘The Osbournes’ is the highest rating show on MTV US ever. And they made their UK Premiere on screen yesterday.

Whether you’re a fan of Ozzy or not, the show is certainly addictive, as we see Ozzy and his family swear, fight and scare the neighbours!

To celebrate the launch, MTV UK has launched the fantastic Osbournes Microsite.The site features a virtual tour of the Osbourne’s home, with all four family members, the nanny and pets represented as interactive animated characters. The site launched with access to the Osbourne’s virtual living room/kitchen, with the characters interacting with the room and each other.

Throughout the series’ ten week run further rooms will be rolled out with increased character interactivity.

Examples of current features include:

By right clicking on the characters users can make the


Introduce themselves

Call over other characters for a chat

Swear randomly

Interact with objects in the house

By clicking on certain objects in the house users can launch key site content

Clicking on the television launches video clips

By clicking on the laptop users can sign up for the newsletter

The messages pinned to the fridge will launch the message boards

Future content includes photo galleries, diaries from the family members and their domestic staff, message boards and screen-savers.

Check all this and more out at The Osbournes Microsite.

It’s All About The Money Says Ms Dynamite

Up and coming garage sensation Ms Dynamite, whose single, entitled ‘It Takes More’ is said to enter the Top 20 region in this week’s singles chart, has slammed the UK music scene, claiming that lots of UK talent is being overlooked in favour of more commercially viable artists.

Talking to a webzine, the beautiful Ms Dynamite admitted that the UK has an abundance of talent that is just not getting through.

“I think there’s a lack of people being given the chance to break through in the UK. For the last two years I’ve met a lot of people in the industry that are just as talented if not more so.”

She says “They’re not given the same chances or money or time as a pop artist or someone who is involved with whatever the music of the moment is.”

When asked why that was, Dynamite blamed the industry’s obsession with money over talent. “I think the music industry in this country is really controlled by money. It lets whatever is hot at the time dictate how artists are represented. The minute that someone like the Spice Girls were making money and made No 1 all these mainstream labels were trying to find the next Spice Girls, instead of looking for new original artists. Everybody tries to be like what’s already there and what’s making money.”

Dynamite aka Naomi McLean added that this opting for tried and tested talent is suppressing an abundance of UK talent. She said “I think there is a lack of people prepared to put time and effort into our artists, but not a lack of artists.”

Somebody should listen to this fine lady. She clearly knows what’s going on in the music industry these days and she’s not afraid to speak out her mind. Gosh, I love her so much more already. Request her and buy her single/LP, guys. She’ll not disappoint, that’s for sure.

Check out her official cyberpage, proudly presented to you at a fabulous URL:

Geri’s In Love

Like her best friend, Robbie Williams, Geri has been seeking refuge in sunny Los Angeles and appears to have found love all at the same time.

If you’ve picked up the tabloids recently, you’re bound to see intimate photographs of Geri and her new boyfriend, Damian Warner who has been described as “some poor little moneyed kid from L.A.”. They’ve been spotted countless time snogging and clowning around together.

Friends of Geri say she is “head over heels in love with him” even though his multimillionaire parents object to the relationship.

The ex-Spice Girl and her fellow, who met as patients at the Arizona Cottonswood de Tuscan rehabilitation clinic where Geri was trying to beat her bulimia problem, angered staff at the clinic with their closeness, described by some as “pretty tasteless and trashy”.

Bosses ordered Damian to leave when they started to upset the other patients and Geri was said to be “outraged.”

Victoria Beckham Hates ‘Me Julie’

Victoria Beckham is not a desperate woman. She will not pose naked or resort to other means for the sake of getting to No. 1 in the charts.

Mrs Beckham, who posed on a bed covered in diamonds for a British men’s magazine somewhere around last year, has had considerable success with her solo career, although she’d would’ve liked to have the kind of success Emma or Mel C has achieved, but she insists there’s only so far she’d go to notch up sales of her sounds.

She told Newswatch, “I am not one of those celebrities who will do all of those men’s magazines. I like to think I will succeed in music without having to take my clothes off. I couldn’t do that Demi Moore thing — sit there in my knickers and let it all hang out. I do it at home, I mean look at me, I’m five months pregnant.”

Ali G and Shaggy’s ‘Me Julie’ added the coffin to the nail for Victoria’s current state of mind.

“I heard Ali G’s single the other day and I thought it’s time for me to take a rest. I’m going to go home and let the music industry do what it wants for a bit because I’m not going to be involved if people are buying that crap.”

Oh well she can afford do that. She doesn’t really need the money now does she?

Check out the entire Beckham clan at her fabulous site:

‘The Hindu Times’ Rockers Slam US Rock Scene

Noel Gallagher has took a diss at US rock bands, saying it has no soul!

Speaking to recently, the mouthy Beatles fan described the state of the current US rock scene as “as bad as it’s ever been.”

However, one or two bands did escape his wrath. “I think that if we take Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Strokes out of the equation, American rock music is as bad as it’s ever been, really,” Noel reasoned, explaining, “There’s a lot of unshaven grown men in shorts with skateboard trainers singing about the blackness of the future. I find it has no soul. They should all have a shave and they should all put on trousers and they should all take their masks off and they should all go and listen to The Beatles and then they should come back and make some proper music.”

Noel also defiantly said that he and his Oasis bandmates had no intention of changing their spots and are still dedicated to producing 100% rock ‘n’ roll.

“We ain’t changing for nobody,” he stormed, reasoning, “If we suddenly went hip-hop and stuff like that, people would just – my fans, I couldn’t even look them in the face again. We believe in rock and roll! Not in the KISS sense, you know, not in a cliched sense. We believe in the power of guitars and amplifiers. That might sound a bit cheesy to people. If you want progression, go listen to Radiohead. But if you want to actually feel your fucking pants flapping, go and see an Oasis show. We believe in it, man, because we’re not fakers. We weren’t faking it in ’94, and we’re not faking it now.”

Oasis are scheduled to release ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ on June 17th, the second single to be yanked from their ‘Heathen Chemistry’ LP, which follows on July 1st.

Jamiroquai To File A Lawsuit

Jamiroquai front man Jay Kay has vowed to sue the man who he alleges head-butted him in the face.

The singer, who claims he did not attack photographer Alan Grisbrook, says he was assaulted as he left the London premiere of the new Star Wars film early last Wednesday morning.

“He’s not going to get away with it,” he told a UK tabloid. “I’m going to take action. I’ve already given the police a full statement about what happened. I’m furious.”

Kay also alleges that the photographer kicked his brand new car — a dark blue Bentley Arnage T — and says Grisbrook should be punished for the damage caused.

As reported yesterday, a police spokesperson confirmed that two males had made “contradictory allegations” of assault against each other.

Destiny’s Child Go Gospel With Hopes To Inspire All

Destiny’s Child have said that they were determined to refer to God in their songs, despite ridicule from some quarters.

“We were praising God and acknowledging Him even when every other R&B group were not,” Beyonce Knowles told a web-zine, “I remember some people were like ‘They talk too much about God, they talk too much about God.'”

“We were getting that but we didn’t care,” the singer recalled, explaining, “We try to live our lives as Christians and we acknowledge Him in all we do.”

The trio’s Michelle Williams recently released a solo gospel album, ‘Heart To Yours’, with the full support of bandmates Beyonce and Kelly Rowland.

“When we first met Michelle I remember her saying she was gonna do a gospel album,” Beyonce recalled, reasoning, “That’s what she was doing before she got in Destiny’s Child. Now she’s getting the chance to do that and bless the world and hopefully inspire a lot of people out there.”

On the subject of negative comments from ‘haters’, the girls said, “God has bigger and better things for us.”

Janet Jackson’s Caught Kylie’s Fever

It’s been reported that Michael Jackson’s lovely kid sister, Janet Jackson’s next album will mark a drastic change of style.

According to fansite, the ‘All For You’ star is now planning to embrace Europop, as opposed to her usual R&B sounds. The reason?

Well, apparently, insiders say that Janet’s currently obsessed with Kylie Minogue’s last album, ‘Fever’, which features the worldwide smash single, ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’.

So enamoured is Janet by the Aussie popster’s hugely-successful album that she’s reportedly given all her friends plus long-time producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis copies, to let them get a feel of which musical direction she wants to take. According to a source, Janet wants to do something “edgy and experimental.”

Janet’s upcoming album is expected to be released next year.

Paulina Rubio – The Next Jennifer Lopez?

She’s hot. She’s Latino. She has been dubbed as the Latin Madonna for her way of dressing and performing on stage and she isn’t Jennifer Lopez. Her name’s Paulina Rubio and chances are, you’re going to be hearing a lot more from this fine lass. Steadily climbing up the US charts she is with her debut offering in English, entitled ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’.

Going all the way to the top slot on the Billboard’s Top Latin Albums with her Latino offering, ‘Paulina’ a while back, she hopes to repeat the same success she had, singing in English this time. With all plans set to release her first English language album, ‘Border Girl’ in the States come 18th of June, the 30 year old pop star and former Mexican television actress says that the LP will feature 13 tracks and it will be spiked with hip-hop flavor and other types of rhythms.

The striking singer who looks somewhat like Penelope Cruz, if you ask me, topped the Spanish-language offshoot of People magazine, People en Espanol’s list of the “25 Most Beautiful” Latin entertainers recently.

“Paulina is not only beautiful and sexy, but she has that star quality that will certainly put her on the map. She is destined to be the next breakout performer” said People en Espanol’s managing editor Angelo Figueroa in a statement.

I’ve heard Paulina’s track a couple of times on the radio and if you’ve liked the kinds of hits that Jennifer Lopez spins out, then you’re bound to like hers.

Check more of her out at her official space on the WWW at:

Simon Cowell On Why He Had To Give Darius Up

Simon Cowell has been giving his side of the story lately to all who’d listen on why he decided to drop ‘Pop Idol’ runner-up Darius Danesh and watch him get snapped up by rival record company, Mercury.

Speaking to the press, the BMG big shot became conscious over time that with Gareth and Will on his books, his time with Darius would be restricted in concentrating on establishing him as an artist.

He also admits that he’s a pretty big fan of the crooner. “I like him a lot. Plenty of a-lots and I would’ve liked to give him a contract that he deserves no doubt. We met several weeks ago and I was very honest with him. I said ‘Look, if you want to, we’ll do something with you.’ But Darius is very smart and sweet and he knew he was going to a third priority when it comes to Will and Gareth. His manager told me Darius was afraid that he wasn’t going to be a primary concern of mine and he’s right. Definitely not when I’ve got to nurse Will and Gareth right? So there.”

Not surprisingly, for Darius, a lot of labels were obsessed on getting their hands on him and soon, as reported earlier on, decided to bond with the good people at Mercury Records.