Invite The Osbournes Into Your Computer

They’ve been called the real-life Simpsons. The fly-on-the wall series featuring Ozzy Osbourne and his eccentric family, ‘The Osbournes’ is the highest rating show on MTV US ever. And they made their UK Premiere on screen yesterday.

Whether you’re a fan of Ozzy or not, the show is certainly addictive, as we see Ozzy and his family swear, fight and scare the neighbours!

To celebrate the launch, MTV UK has launched the fantastic Osbournes Microsite.The site features a virtual tour of the Osbourne’s home, with all four family members, the nanny and pets represented as interactive animated characters. The site launched with access to the Osbourne’s virtual living room/kitchen, with the characters interacting with the room and each other.

Throughout the series’ ten week run further rooms will be rolled out with increased character interactivity.

Examples of current features include:

By right clicking on the characters users can make the


Introduce themselves

Call over other characters for a chat

Swear randomly

Interact with objects in the house

By clicking on certain objects in the house users can launch key site content

Clicking on the television launches video clips

By clicking on the laptop users can sign up for the newsletter

The messages pinned to the fridge will launch the message boards

Future content includes photo galleries, diaries from the family members and their domestic staff, message boards and screen-savers.

Check all this and more out at The Osbournes Microsite.

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