Victoria Beckham Hates ‘Me Julie’

Victoria Beckham is not a desperate woman. She will not pose naked or resort to other means for the sake of getting to No. 1 in the charts.

Mrs Beckham, who posed on a bed covered in diamonds for a British men’s magazine somewhere around last year, has had considerable success with her solo career, although she’d would’ve liked to have the kind of success Emma or Mel C has achieved, but she insists there’s only so far she’d go to notch up sales of her sounds.

She told Newswatch, “I am not one of those celebrities who will do all of those men’s magazines. I like to think I will succeed in music without having to take my clothes off. I couldn’t do that Demi Moore thing — sit there in my knickers and let it all hang out. I do it at home, I mean look at me, I’m five months pregnant.”

Ali G and Shaggy’s ‘Me Julie’ added the coffin to the nail for Victoria’s current state of mind.

“I heard Ali G’s single the other day and I thought it’s time for me to take a rest. I’m going to go home and let the music industry do what it wants for a bit because I’m not going to be involved if people are buying that crap.”

Oh well she can afford do that. She doesn’t really need the money now does she?

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