Destiny’s Child Go Gospel With Hopes To Inspire All

Destiny’s Child have said that they were determined to refer to God in their songs, despite ridicule from some quarters.

“We were praising God and acknowledging Him even when every other R&B group were not,” Beyonce Knowles told a web-zine, “I remember some people were like ‘They talk too much about God, they talk too much about God.'”

“We were getting that but we didn’t care,” the singer recalled, explaining, “We try to live our lives as Christians and we acknowledge Him in all we do.”

The trio’s Michelle Williams recently released a solo gospel album, ‘Heart To Yours’, with the full support of bandmates Beyonce and Kelly Rowland.

“When we first met Michelle I remember her saying she was gonna do a gospel album,” Beyonce recalled, reasoning, “That’s what she was doing before she got in Destiny’s Child. Now she’s getting the chance to do that and bless the world and hopefully inspire a lot of people out there.”

On the subject of negative comments from ‘haters’, the girls said, “God has bigger and better things for us.”

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