Hear’Say Blames Public For Split

Hear’Say, the band created by the TV show Popstars, have split up after less than two years. The UK chart-toppers have reportedly blamed the constant taunts they endure from the public in the streets and when

they perform.

Hear’Say, consisting of Noel, Myleene, Suzanne, Danny and new-boy Johnny were picked from tens of thousands of wannabes. Ten million people watched their final audition.

Danny, 23, told the press “We have had enough. The public make and break you.” Myleene added “Nobody deserves what we went through.”

The novelty of Britain’s first hand-picked TV group quickly wore off with the record-buying public. In March last year, they topped the charts with ‘Pure and Simple’, which became the fastest-selling debut single ever. Their third single reached only No 4 in December.Rumours of in-fighting were rife but a source denied the decision to quit had been caused by internal rows, saying “They felt they were constantly competing to try to win public approval.”

Noel said “We thought long and hard about it but we feel the time is right. The signs were there.”

Danny also said the band would travel around the country to gigs only to be booed.

The band admitted their success had disappeared quickly. “It’s a fad thing, a novelty. It’s like a pair of trainers, one minute they’re in and the next minute, they’re out” said Suzanne.

Noel, 22 finished off saying “We’re not millionaires but we are a lot better off than we would have been if we had been waiters and cleaners.”

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