Hear’Say Defending New Bandmate

What have the members of Hear’Say been up to recently? For the majority of their time, it seems like they all have been defending the audition process which picked out the band’s new member, Johnny Shentall.

At the time of the auditons, Hear’Say were accused of nepotism after it was discovered that Johnny was known to the band and had performed as a backing dancer with the group on ‘Top Of The Pops’.

“It wasn’t nepotism” said Hear’Say’s Danny Foster. “There was no fix and the auditions were legitimate. He had danced for us before but Johnny was the best man for the job.”

Johnny Shentall added “It hurt when I read the reports that the auditions were fixed because I queued up in the rain over two days to take part in the auditions. It’s true I did dance with the band but I was one of 15 dancers who performed with the group and I didn’t know the band at all. It was just a job.”

Hear’Say’s new single, ‘Lovin’ Is Easy’ will be released in August.

Kym’s At Liberty With Guest List For Wedding Celebrations

Kym Marsh has snubbed her ex bandmates from Hear’Say in favour of Popstars runners-up, Liberty X, who in my opinion are a far far much better group.

Kym, who is marrying EastEnder’s Jack Ryder in August, has asked Liberty X’s Jessica Heaton to the wedding but won’t be extending the invite to her former colleagues. According to the Sun, Hear’Say are fuming that they’ve been snubbed.

After all, with the whole event due to be covered by OK! magazine, Myleene, Noel and company need all the publicity they can get at the moment, what with they having a new member who totally needs to learn their dance moves on top of recovering from his foot injury, postponing just about everything and also pushing back their release date of their brand new single featuring the new Hear’Say member, Johnny.

Meanwhile, it has been said that Kym Marsh has already recorded a couple of tracks in preparation of launching herself as a solo artiste. This may happen sometime late this year.

Final Chance For Hear’Say

Polydor has told Hear’Say off that their next single must make the Top 5 of the UK singles chart or else their label’ll drop them.

‘Everybody’, the band’s second album, failed to make the U.K. Top 10. Not only that, their last single of the same name only made it to a No 4 placing on the singles chart towards the end of 2001.

A Polydor executive revealed, “The next single’s make or break. If it isn’t a hit, and that means at least Top 5, then they’re finished with us.”Hear’Say lost one of their founding members, Kym Marsh, who quit the band, a couple of months back and have found a replacement in the form of ex-Boom! member Johnny Shentall.

Meanwhile, Hear’Say’s UK tour has been postponed. The delay will definitely provide Johnny the extra time that he needs to learn their songs and dance steps.

In other news, Hear’Say’s Myleene Klass, who was caught snogging fellow bandmate Danny Foster after a concert, is rumoured to have caught the fancy of Manchester United’s winger, Ryan Giggs.

HearSay’s Newest Member Announced!

Hearsay have today announced the replacement for Kym Marsh.

Johnny Shentall, 23 and from Doncaster, beat over 3000 applicants to join the 4 other HearSay pop stars in future recordings and their much-anticpated UK Arena tour later this year.

Johnny is also the boyfriend of Lisa Scott-Lee (Steps!). We look forward to seeing Johnny perform – well done!

Hearsay Replacement Announced Tuesday!

Nearly 3000 hopeful applicants made their way to Brixton, South London, on Sunday to try out for the Hear’Say auditions.

The band are looking for a fifth member since Kym Marsh quit the band last month. After the first round which was based purely on personaility and looks, the budding popsters were given the chance to show off their vocal talents with a 40-second burst of song.

By Monday, the band had chosen 12 finalists – and a decision is expected Tuesday as to who Kym’s replacement will be!

Hear’Say search for Kym replacement

Hear’say have announced that they will hold auditions for a new band member to replace Kym Marsh.
It’s been only a few days since Kym officially left the British Pop Group, but the band are keen to carry on and have always felt as though there should be 5 members. So, do you fancy being a big pop star?
If so, auditions will be held this Sunday (3rd Feb) in Brixton, South London. Full details of auditions are as follows:Hearsay are looking for 18 – 25 year old male and female singers. You must bring with you a passport or birth certificate. First knockout will be a visual selection, so not everyone will have the chance to sing.

Auditions will take place over two days, so those that are good enough will come back for a 2nd day.

The auditions take place at 9am sharp at Brixton Rehearsal Studio Chester House, Kennington Park Business Estate, 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DJ
Hearsay have asked that you e-mail them if you are thinking of attending. You should write to AUDITIONS@HEARSAY.UK.COM.

Be sure to tell mention your name, age, address, any messages for the band, and say that you saw the news on Pop-Music.com!

More details on the event can be found here (taken from their Official Website).

Good luck to all those that take part!

Kym leaves Hear’Say

It’s offical. Kym Marsh has walked out on British Popstars band Hear’Say after being with them for nearly a year. Just under two weeks ago, Kym had indicated her unhappiness with the band amid rumours of disagreements with band member Myleene Klass.

Hear’Say have vowed to continue as a band, and are still making plans for an Arena tour of the UK in the Autumn. However, Kym’s departure has fueled speculation that the band may collapse before then. Only time will tell.

It’s likely that we’ll see Kym try to make it as a solo act in the near future. We’ll keep you posted!

Hear’Say split all Hear’Say?

A statement was expected Monday from British pop band Hear’Say, following from their meeting with managment on Friday. However, a decision has yet to be made about the band’s future – perhaps in part because of the legal implications should the band decide to go their separate ways.

An Arena tour had already be planned for the Autumn, and cancelling now would open the gates for action to be taken against the stars.

A statement about the band is expected towards the end of the week – we’ll let you know!

Kym to quit Hear’Say?

Kym Marsh from the British pop group Hear’Say is the subject of much speculation today as to whether or not she will leave the band. Kym, 25, is reported to have clashed with band-mate Myleene Klass on several occasions, although the two have denied this when asked about it on television.

Hear’Say are signed to Polydor records, and talks will take place this week to determine the band’s future.

More info on Pop-Music.com as we get it!Hear’Say were formed early in 2001 by the British version of the show “Pop Stars”. The five members of the band are: Danny Foster, Noel Sullivan, Suzanne Shaw, Kym Klass and Myleene Marsh. The TV show put together the band from obscurity.

The band’s first single, Pure and Simple, was a Number One hit, and the debut album also reached number one.