Hear’Say Defending New Bandmate

What have the members of Hear’Say been up to recently? For the majority of their time, it seems like they all have been defending the audition process which picked out the band’s new member, Johnny Shentall.

At the time of the auditons, Hear’Say were accused of nepotism after it was discovered that Johnny was known to the band and had performed as a backing dancer with the group on ‘Top Of The Pops’.

“It wasn’t nepotism” said Hear’Say’s Danny Foster. “There was no fix and the auditions were legitimate. He had danced for us before but Johnny was the best man for the job.”

Johnny Shentall added “It hurt when I read the reports that the auditions were fixed because I queued up in the rain over two days to take part in the auditions. It’s true I did dance with the band but I was one of 15 dancers who performed with the group and I didn’t know the band at all. It was just a job.”

Hear’Say’s new single, ‘Lovin’ Is Easy’ will be released in August.

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