Final Chance For Hear’Say

Polydor has told Hear’Say off that their next single must make the Top 5 of the UK singles chart or else their label’ll drop them.

‘Everybody’, the band’s second album, failed to make the U.K. Top 10. Not only that, their last single of the same name only made it to a No 4 placing on the singles chart towards the end of 2001.

A Polydor executive revealed, “The next single’s make or break. If it isn’t a hit, and that means at least Top 5, then they’re finished with us.”Hear’Say lost one of their founding members, Kym Marsh, who quit the band, a couple of months back and have found a replacement in the form of ex-Boom! member Johnny Shentall.

Meanwhile, Hear’Say’s UK tour has been postponed. The delay will definitely provide Johnny the extra time that he needs to learn their songs and dance steps.

In other news, Hear’Say’s Myleene Klass, who was caught snogging fellow bandmate Danny Foster after a concert, is rumoured to have caught the fancy of Manchester United’s winger, Ryan Giggs.

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