Natasha Bedingfield To Jive All The Way To America

Natasha Bedingfield’s debut album Unwritten is out in stores now and she’s told us she can’t quite believe the success she’s having.

She’s performing at Radio 1’s One Big Weekend in Birmingham on Sunday.

BBC Radio One spoke to her on Monday and she said she’s stunned by what’s happening. It’s all kicking off in America too! Natasha has just signed to a major record label across the pond, saying “Jive, which is part of BMG, they’re going to be the company that is releasing me over there. They do Britney and Justin. They know what they’re doing, so that’s rather cool.”

“You know, you have to step back every now and then and take a breath. Oh my goodness look where I am, today is my dream come true, how cool is that?”

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