Osbourne’s Noisy Neighbour Is A Popstar

Ever wondered who The Osbournes’ infamously noisy next door neighbour actually is? Well, it’s been revealed that Ozzy, Sharon and company’s Beverly Hills bette noir is a popstar, but just a one hit wonder star.

His name is Owen Paul, who enjoyed just the one radio hit way back in 1986 with ‘My Favourite Waste Of Time’.Owen, who some may remember sported one of the finest mullets of the 80’s, is making a comeback of sorts as the troublesome neighbour of MTV’s first family.

Sharon Osbourne was seen confronting her neighbour in the first series of the hit docu-show, after Owen made such a racket through the night, which ends with Ozzy throwing a rock through the former popster’s window!

Unsurprisingly, given his new-found notoriety, after years in the musical wilderness, Owen Paul is set to attempt something of a comeback, with the release of his ‘About Time’, a song he’s described as “romantic, heartfelt, meaningful, passionate and honest.”

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