Kelly Osbourne Placed Nose Boogers On Christina Aguilera’s Car

Sharon Osbourne was featured in Rolling Stone magazine’s Women In Rock issue and took the opportunity to slam Christina Aguilera.

Sharon revealed “Christina Aguilera needs to get her head out of her ass and fu**ing see the real world and see that she’s got a great voice and she’s very lucky, shut the fu** up, get a new stylist, and just go out there and sing. She’s very precious.”

“Kelly put boogers on her car. They were in the same studio, and they don’t like each other, and so she’s got this big Bentley that she drives around in, so Kelly picked her nose and put boogers on all the handles.”

Sharon also added that Christina, like other “kiddie bands” have “become idiots. They become prima donnas. That’s why now I don’t manage anymore.”

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