J Lo Furious With Matt Damon

Jennifer Lopez has called off her wedding to Ben Affleck after a row with his best friend, Matt Damon. The Latino singer was furious when Matt tried to talk him out of it, claiming she was a “serial bride”.

J Lo, who cancelled plans to tie the knot on St Valentine’s Day, reportedly warned Ben “It’s me or him”.

She told friends “I always feel like there has been three of us in this relationship. He loves Matt loads and he treasures what Matt thinks a lot too.”

The row flared when Matt reminded Ben that J Lo had already been married twice and might be on her way to being another Elizabeth Taylor, what with both of her marriages collapsing quickly. He also hates the way J Lo has made Ben look like a Latino in her music video.A source told the papers “This feud with Matt caused such bad feelings that Ben and Jennifer have decided not to go ahead with the wedding. They still love each other and want to get married someday, but the Valentine’s Day ceremony isn’t go to happen anytime soon.”

Jessica Simpson Says Hubby Is A Man’s Man

Jessica Simpson spoke with reporters a couple of days back about her husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees.

“Nick, in essence, is a very man’s man” Jessica said. “He will just go to Rite Aid and get his lotion and shaving gel.”

“He’s not into this stuff like make-up, blushers, lipsticks et cetera, so I always try to go cosmetic shopping without him.”

“He joins me sometimes but he just stands around and points and says that some colour or shade will look fabulous on me.”

Bellefire Will Be Back In 2003

For those of us who thought that the girls from Bellefire were finished since Virgin gave them the axe, citing poor record sales and chart positions, another record label have snapped them up apparently.

East West Records are giving the girls another chance and so expect to hear more stuff from them sometime in 2003. A new official website for Bellefire will be online too.

Right now, the girls, who have been busy writing their new offerings and constantly working at the studios, are having a joyous Christmas in Ireland with their loved ones.

Mariah On The Diva Gossips And More

“The ‘diva’ rumours about me are ridiculous but they’re very inventive” Mariah Carey said to journalists. “Apparently not only do I not do stairs but I won’t walk on carpet and I refuse to walk on grass. What do I do to get around? Hover?!”

“I mean, you live and exist under a microscope and at a certain point the rumours become amusing. Don’t do that ok.”

Meanwhile, ‘Charmbracelet’ seems to be doing fine, what with celebrities like RuPaul, India.Arie, Erika Christensen, Jennifer Love Hewitt and more loving the album.For instance, RuPaul wrote on his weblog for Tuesday, the 9th of December and said that he had already bought a copy Mariah Carey’s brand new ‘Charmbracelet’.

He said “I have already bought Mariah’s new album. I loved the songs ‘Clown’, ‘My Saving Grace’, ‘Yours’, ‘I Only Wanted’, ‘Bringing On The Heartbreak’ and ‘Through The Rain’.”

“I’m sure I will love all the other songs in time, as well. My only criticism is that I think she uses her breathy head voice too much.”

Justin Timberlake Loves Men’s Underwear, Britney’s Brother Does Not Like Justin

Singer of the Michael Jackson-esque ‘Like I Love You’ and the latest ‘Cry Me A River’ that’s not supposed to be about Britney, Justin Timberlake recently let slip that he has a fetish for women wearing boy/men’s underwear.

Justin recently confessed, “I love mens underwear. They’re getting lovelier and I find it’s really sexy when girls wear us boys’ underpants.”

Meanwhile, he is in trouble with Britney’s family for causing them grief by always dropping Britney’s name and trying to cash in on their messy split by constantly talking about it to the press at all times.

“He’s not very popular with the family now and I don’t think he will ever be. Us all are really hurt by Justin’s treachery. Absolutely no regard for our feelings and Britney’s. We hate his guts. We turn the TV set off when he comes on. See, we treated him like family and he had to go do this. He’s such a jerk. Stop hurting my sister.” Britney’s brother, Brian, revealed.

Ex-Destiny’s Child Singer To Release Debut Solo Album

Former Destiny’s Child star Farrah Franklin exposed the secret the other day that she has just signed a deal with Fabulous’s record label, Street Family, which is a branch off of the Desert Storm label. She has already recorded songs with Fabulous and Method Man.

Farrah said she had a few options as far as labels went but she liked the idea of being with a family unit. She also said that her music will be different from Destiny’s Child. “It’s really going to be young, fun, and sexy. It’s like me. People will actually get to hear me sing unlike the last time. And besides, I wrote most of the songs on the album so it’s very “me”” she said.

The striking lady also said that she holds no grudges against the women of Destiny’s Child. “I don’t have any grudges against them. I have even spoken with their member Michelle Williams in the past year and am glad that she was able to move on and do what she’s doing now. That girl’s the sweetest.”

Anastacia May Get To Sing At The Oscars

The LA Daily News spoke with Anastacia who attended the gala premiere of ‘Chicago’ at the Academy Theatre in Beverly Hills last Tuesday night.

The singer, who performs the title song, enthused, “I’m from Chicago, and I just can’t believe my luck. If the song gets nominated, I get to sing at the Oscars!”

It should open in cinemas for Asia and Europe in early 2003.

Kylie Minogue Is Close Pals With Kelly Osbourne

Kylie Minogue has become close pals with Kelly Osbourne while the pair were doing radio show tours.

“Kylie has quickly become a kind of mother figure to Kelly and has even been telling her off for her foulmouthed outbursts” an insider revealed.

“She thinks Kelly is very funny. They have the same sense of humour and interests. They went shopping together on Thursday and hang out together after each show.”

Kylie also has a fan in Kelly’s mother Sharon, who has invited them to dinner at the family’s mansion in Los Angeles.

Talent Mr Shaun Escoffery On New Remix Album And More

The gifted East Londoner Shaun Escoffery in a recent interview revealed that he’s totally into Me’Shell N’Degeocello’s latest album and he says that he’s going to do more studio time for a forthcoming remix album.

“I’ve just bought the new Me’Shell N’Degeocello album, entitled ‘Anthropology Of MixTapes’ and it’s mad! It’s just a wicked album. I love her albums. I’m also listening to St. Germain, and Rae & Christian.”

“I’m actually planning on doing a remix album too. Jazzanova are getting involved in that, Koop, St. Germain, Cam plus a few more. There’s a good European thing going on there I guess. They’ve all picked the tunes they want to remix, so I’m going to go over there and re-vocal the stuff. It’s going to be hot! It’s going to be quality music.”

So just how talented Shaun Escoffery is? Well, hear one of his older tracks, ‘Space Rider’ and you’d know what I’m talking about. This guy needs more exposure.

Check out the track at DarkerThan Blue.com here.

Robbie Williams And Eminem To Duet?

Robbie Williams is plotting a duet with Eminem, according to press reports that have emerged one by one, and it’s all in a bid to crack the American music market.

“It will be the perfect partnership. They have mutual respect for each other” an executive on Robbie’s US label revealed.

“Eminem is the world’s biggest artist at the moment and a duet will catapult Robbie to the final level-making it in the US. They’re both talented artists and it will be a very exciting project.”